Sunday, October 27, 2019

Zealand Falls - Hard Section "Waterfalls"

Zealand Falls
5.4 miles round-trip
575 feet of elevation gain

This hike has a fairly easy grade; it is a mostly-flat hike to the falls. At 1.5 miles, you will cross Zealand River on a bridge. After a few water crossings, you will find yourself in an open area of beaver ponds that you will walk through on boardwalks. After a while, the trail is on the ground again. The whole trail is 2.5 miles. I would recommend going to Zealand Falls Hut (an extra couple tenths of a mile) to see the upper part of the falls as well as stop by the hut and say "hello." The waterfalls are beautiful and so is the trail leading up to them. Check out my personal pictures of this hike! You can also check out a great collection of pictures of Zealand Falls here:

The two pictures below were taken when there was snow on the ground.

Zealand Falls is a great hike for families and friends!

Arethusa Falls - Medium Section "Waterfalls"

Arethusa Falls
3.0 miles round-trip 
900 feet of elevation gain

This trail is rocky and filled with roots. You gain 900 feet of elevation gain in 1.5 miles. Remember to pack snacks, water, and extra clothes. Don't forget all your Ten Essentials. This is rated as a family hike, so you're definitely capable as long as you're prepared!

Bring your camera! The falls are gorgeous.

The following pictures are from Melissa Schuft who hiked Arethusa Falls with her two kids.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Little Haystack - Advanced

Little Haystack
6.4 miles round-trip
3050 feet of elevation gain

The pictures below are of Carter Kropp on his hike of Little Haystack.  

The first waterfall you will see on this trail is Stair Falls.  Then, you will soon come across Swiftwater Falls and then Cloudland Falls.  The terrain itself gets increasingly rocker and you can observe the gorgeous summit in the following pictures.

The waterfalls are beautiful; they are definitely worth the trip.  Carter by Stairs Falls: