Monday, November 11, 2019

North and/or Middle Sugarloaf near Twin Mountain - Medium Section "Views"

North and/or Middle Sugarloaf near Twin Mountain
Sugarloaf Trail
3.4 miles round-trip for both peaks
Around 1,100 feet of elevation gain

You will follow a snowmobile trail and a logging road until the hike steepens, going up gradually. You will pass some large boulders on your way. Later, the trail branches off to the left and right. If you go to the left, you will walk along the ridge and then go along a route to Middle Sugarloaf. In the last ledgy section of the hike up to Middle Sugarloaf, it is very steep and there is a ladder to climb. Going to the right, on the other hand, leads you to North Sugarloaf.

The following pictures were taken by Lyndsey Vaillancourt and they are a compilation of two different hikes she went on with her daughter, Aubrey.

Have fun!

Mt. Chocorua - Hard Section "Views"

Champney Falls Trail
7.6 miles round-trip
2,250 feet of elevation gain 

This is one way to reach the summit -- for the list, the hiker may choose whichever trail they like.

After leaving the parking area, turn right at a junction and follow an old logging road until you get to Champney Brook. Then, go right on Champney Falls Trail and keep following the path. After 1.4 miles, swing left on the Champney Falls loop path to see the base of Champney Falls and Pitcher Falls. Continue following the loop trail until it rejoins Champney Falls Trail. Continue hiking until you reach the intersection with Piper Trail, at which point you should follow Piper Trail for 0.6 miles to arrive at the summit of Chocorua.

I obtained the information I include above from the White Mountain Guide, written by Steven Smith. I recommend purchasing this book and using it to navigate on hikes.

Check out some pictures from Jillian Harris who hiked Chocorua with her daughters on July 6th, 2017.