Sunday, September 15, 2019

Morgan and Percival - Medium Section "Scrambles"

Morgan and Percival
5.4 miles loop hike
1600 feet of elevation gain

In 2012, we hiked Morgan and Percival.  It's a fun hike with ladders and caves!  I still remember it well today even though we hiked it so long ago.  Definitely do this one!  Here are some pictures to give you an idea:

By the way, leave the dog at home on this one!  Max, our border terrier, did not appreciate being carried up ladders and having to navigate caves with large boulders and sharp rocks.  He was not happy on this hike.  We do not recommend this hike for dogs.

The trail begins flat and charming as shown below.

After a while, you'll arrive at the ladders.  As long as you watch where you're going, you should be okay!  Take it slower with the little ones, though, and spot them wherever you can.

The summit of Morgan:

Percival has beautiful views when the day is clear, but our hike happened to be cloudy.

There are exciting caves on the way down!

You'll have so much fun on this adventurous hike!